Dropping Acid Bon Bons

Acid Bon Bons drops this friday August 25th, along with a limited animated 8-inch record made in collaboration with Drew Tetz.

Introducing the first EP from Dan Marshall – wonderfully sampled rhythms and skilfully crafted beats in a seemingly Helter skelter fashion, ‘Acid Bon Bons’ is both beauty and beast; jazz monkey meets acid moog in a gleefully revelling combo.

Audaciously followed by ‘Smiley Tarts’ a wonky double-bass, trip-hop, disco roller that keeps the jazz in this release alive.

And finally we end on ‘Long Hose’. A fusion of synth chorded jazz, funk and modern trap beats decorated by late 60s San Fransisco. A classy bookend to a special and wildly original debut.

8-inch Animated Vinyl 
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A special thanks to:

Eleanor Banard – Artwork – www.eleanorbarnard.com
Drew Tetz – Phenakistiscope wizardry – www.drewtetz.com
Next Door Films – studio filming – www.nextdoorfilms.co.uk